FintechHK Webinar Series

FintechHK Webinar Series

InvestHK fintech team has cruated a series of FintecHK webinars to address the concerned and practical subjects of the fintech community. Enjoy the recorded webinars below. 


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Digital Assets, Regulations and Opportunities in Hong Kong and Asia (28 April)

Is Asia the future of the digital assets industry? You will find out in this exciting session with Clara Chiu, Director of Licensing and Head of Fintech, Securities and Futures Commission, and Henri Arslanian, Chairman, Fintech Association of Hong Kong, moderated by King Leung, Head of Fintech, Invest Hong Kong.

Our panel will discuss:
- the Hong Kong SFC new regulatory framework for digital assets exchanges and digital assets funds
- the digital assets investor landscape in Hong Kong and Asia
- opportunities for UK and European digital assets players in Hong Kong and Asia
- forward looking: International development on digital assets class and digital assets regulations


Moderator: King Leung - Head of Fintech, Invest Hong Kong

Henri Arslanian - Chairman, FinTech Association of Hong Kong

Clara Chiu - Director, Licensing and Head, Fintech unit, Intermediaries, Securities and Futures Commission


Digitising the onboarding journey - regulatory and industry perspectives (29 April)

Discussion angles:
- new technologies across AML and fraud that use machine learning and AI
- the new virtual bank landscape and how it increases the competitive pressure to incumbent banks
- how CoVID has further added to this pressure
- the legal challenges, e.g., around e-signature
- regulatory challenges
- opportunities and risks as seen through the lens of e.g., FATF"

Moderator: Benedicte Nolens, Chief Compliance Officer, SC Ventures by Standard Chartered
Pascal Nizri, CEO and Founder, Chekk
Stewart McGlynn, Division Head, Anti-Money Laundering, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
King Leung, Head of Fintech, Invest Hong Kong


International Regulatory Panel (30 April)

Drafting new regulation is about striking a balance between negating externalities without inhibiting innovation, while ensuring that the regulation is good for all.

Discussion points:
How do regulators strike that balance?
What Chief Regulators Want You to Know
How do regulators adapt to tech innovation and the new practices stemming from it?
What are the key legal developments users and providers should be focusing on?
What is the state of the collaboration between regulators and players?

Moderator, Iana Vidal, Head of Policy and Government Affairs, Innovate Finance
Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore
Gareth Ramsay, Executive Director for Data, Bank of England
Nelson Chow, Chief Fintech Officer, Fintech Facilitation Office, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Barney Reynolds, Global Head, Financial Institutions, Shearman & Sterling

Managing Scale in Times of Crisis: Manage your Workforce and Mitigate the Impact of Borders Being Shut

In times of uncertainty, running out of runway is the last thing you want. Yet, with your workforce working remotely and borders shutting down, how do you drive your expansion and growth?

Discussion points:

How to get the support and resources for growth
Managing a global remote workforce
How to sustain growth during a crisis

Moderator: Dr Desné Masie, Chief Strategist, IC Intelligence
Eric Mouilleron, Founder & CEO, Bankable
Jeppe Zink, General Partner, Northzone
Pierre Lion, VP Growth, Mangopay
Claire Altman, Chief Corporate Officer, Smart Pension
Simon Loong, Founder & Group CEO, WeLab
Gemma Steel, General Counsel, Project Imagine (Dozens/Pi1)


Fundraising in HK & Further Expansion to the GBA (6 May)

Being an international financial hub and also part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (“GBA”), many companies see Hong Kong as their launch pad to scale up their business  in Asia and enter the other GBA cities, a market with population over 70 million . Nevertheless, companies may encounter obstacles such as fundraising in Hong Kong and business development in the GBA. Join this webinar to hear from the industry leaders in investment and the GBA development to understand more the common obstacles and solutions in fundraising in Hong Kong and exploring the GBA market.


Webinar Speakers:

- Moderator - Mr. King LEUNG, Head of Fintech, InvestHK

- Mr. Michael WOJCIESZEK - Programme Director, Betatron

- Ms. Andrea TIWANA - Senior Vice President, Innovation and Technology | Growth Propositions, HSBC Commercial Banking

- Mr. Raymond LING - Senior Vice President, Greater Bay Area, HSBC Commercial Banking



共建大湾区金融科技发展未来 (5月12日)

in Mandarin only

不少国内知名的科技公司已经透过香港作为平台拓展业务到亚洲各国和全球。他们有着什么成功的经历? 香港投资推广署,香港应用科技研究院(应科院)和深圳金融科技协会联合举办这次网上研讨会。如何透过与应科院的合作,运用创新科技去解决金融行业问题,从而增加您的业务竞争力? 工银亚洲和诺华诚信作为成功的合作伙伴,将参与这次研讨会,分享大湾区金融业的挑战和前景,并且讨论如何透过香港发展金融科技和创新科技业务。 参与这次网上会议,了解如何运用创新和金融科技解决大湾区金融服务行业的问题和透过香港拓展业务的优势。



香港投资推广署 - 金融科技主管梁瀚璟先生

工银亚洲 - 金融科技部总经理 唐斌先生

诺华诚信 - 首席架构师 卢柏龙先生

香港应用科技研究院 - 行政总裁 周宪本先生

香港应用科技研究院 - 人工智能及大数据高级总监 雷志斌博士

香港应用科技研究院 - 网络安全,密码及可信技术高级总监 张伟伦先生

专题讨论主持人:香港应用科技研究院 - 總監(內地市場運營)楊冰冰女士


Taller de Mercado FinTech en Hong Kong (11 May)

ProChile, en coordinación con el Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) y el Invest Hong Kong, tienen el agrado de invitarte a participar de un taller sobre el ecosistema Fintech en Hong Kong. El objetivo de este taller es dar a conocer a las startups, scaleups y empresas FinTech chilenas las oportunidades que se abren para ellas en esta dinámica economía asiática, la cual es un hub financiero clave en el marco del Asia Pacífico.