How FinTech is driving a change in Retail Banking?

As part of our Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021, Global Fast Track 2021 Spotlight Series is a series of must-attend webinars covering current trends, opportunities and challenges across key FinTech verticals in the Global Fast Track 2021.

This webinar will present you the dynamic retail banking landscape in Hong Kong, from virtual banking to payment apps. From the point of view of retail and virtual banks, we will show how strategic partnerships and co-creations between FinTechs and their incubators bring benefits to retail customers.

- Dr. Frederic Lau, Executive Director and President, AMTD Group Digital
- Herman Cheng, Head of Digital Banking, Hang Seng Bank
- King Leung, Head of FinTech, Invest Hong Kong
- Michael Ng, Head of Product, WeLab Bank

- Hannah Richardson Richardson, Head of FinTech Enterprise, FINNOVASIA

Revisit the session now to learn about how Global Fast Track 2021 can help scale up your business in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

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