Why FinTech In Hong Kong?

  • With LAUNCH, InvestHK seeks to attract Fintech companies to Hong Kong as the ideal place to launch their business in Asia, with a eye to the mainland and, in particular, the Greater Bay Area. It’s a call that is underpinned by Hong Kong’s world-class infrastructure, large talent pool and accessible local market, combined with the world’s third largest financial centre, rule of law and a supportive regulatory system.


  • More than anywhere else in the region, Hong Kong offers a rock-solid base, with its legal system, financial and professional services, talent pool and quality of life. In the spirit of a previous famous line, this is “one small step for a company, one giant LEAP for its business.” Having launched in Hong Kong, fintech companies are encouraged to embrace what the city has to offer and then take the leap to grow and expand outward, both technologically with the local resources available, into China and elsewhere in Asia.


  • Companies that want to get ahead to LEAD in the world of fintech already recognise the advantages of Hong Kong. Around half of the top-100 global fintech companies have operations in Hong Kong, a multitude of MMCs have bases in the city, while over 1,000 Chinese companies are listed on HKEX. All benefit from the low tax regime, absence of capital restrictions, trusted and proven regulatory environment, and highly favourable business environment.


  • There has been deep funding resources available in Hong Kong, to facilitate fintech companies to go through the three stages LAUNCH, LEAP and LEAD.   



Deep Funding Sources - HK Government Scheme relevant to Fintech

You may download the latest fintech related Hong Kong Government Schemes fact sheet here.

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Why FinTech In Hong Kong?

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