Coherent CEO and Co-Founder John Brisco: FintechHK Fast Track

In this episode of FintechHK Fast Track series, we have John Brisco, CEO and Co-Founder of Coherent, sharing with us the impacts that Coherent brings to the insurance industry via their unique technology and data platforms.

Coherent helps insurers challenge the status quo and helps the industry digitise and evolve. From sales enablement to product development, Coherent is helping the insurers move away from legacy backend challenges. 

On the success in closing the series A round of funding in late 2020, Coherent is expanding their business from Hong Kong to Asia, and the world.


0:00​ Intro
0:15 Mission of Coherent
0:49​ Business Opportunities from Covid
1:45​ Uniqueness of the Hong Kong Insurance Market
2:10​ Pain Points of the Hong Kong Insurance Market
3:12 Latest Expansion Plan
4:11 Importance of Collaborating with Ecosystem Partners



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