FORMS HK Chief Fintech Evangelist Howard Wong: FintechHK Fast Track

Are you ready for the era of banking 4.0?

In this episode of FintechHK FastTrack series, Howard Wong, Chief Fintech Evangelist of FORMS HK shared with us the insights about the next-generation technology transformation of financial services in Hong Kong!

"FORMS HK works with central bank to shape the future of money, traditional banks to change the bank, and virtual banks to build the bank!"

Learn more about banking digitalisation and DCEP development with the episode of FintechHK FastTrack.


0:00​ Intro
0:31​ Positioning of FORMS HK
1:13​ Pain Points of the Hong Kong Banking Services Industry
2:25​ Differences Between Virtual Banks and Traditional Banks
4:41​ Blockchain Technology Application
5:21 Collaboration with Ecosystem Partners



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