OneDegree Co-Founder Alvin Kwock: FintechHK Fast Track

We are excited to introduce to you the FintechHK Fast Track series. In this episode, we would like to proudly present to you OneDegree and its co-founder Alvin Kwock. OneDegree is one of the four licensed virtual insurers in Hong Kong. Many people in Hong Kong would associate the OneDegree brand with its innovative Pets insurance products launched last year. But there are more!

With the strong team, technical capability and market knowledge, there are actually much more OneDegree could do in the insurance and InsurTech area. In this FintechHK Fast Track interview, Alvin Kwock introduced OneDegree's various new innovative insurance/InsurTech products, such as e-commerce liability insurance, cybersecurity insurance, and many more...



0:00​ Intro
0:23​ New Products and Initiatives
1:25​ Need of Cyber-security Insurance
2:31​ Latest Expansion Plan
3:10​ Comments on InvestHK's Services



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