Chainlink: SmartCon 2023

02 Oct 2023 - 03 Oct 2023

Chainlink: SmartCon 2023

02 Oct 2023 - 03 Oct 2023

Date & Time

02 Oct 2023 - 03 Oct 2023


Palau de Congressos de Barcelona

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Where Web3 Gets Real

SmartCon 2023 by Chainlink is this year’s Web3 destination, with a flagship two-day conference set in the heart of Barcelona following a weekend of exciting activities.

This is where Web3 gets real—SmartCon 2023 highlights the industry advancements that are transforming the Web3 vision into reality. It’s not just a conference, but a unique experience empowering attendees to connect, experiment, and inspire the next generation of Web3.

Event Highlights

30 Sep - 1 Oct: Weekend of Festivities (Arrive by Sept. 30th)

2-3 Oct: SmartCon 2023 Main Conference

3 Oct: Closing Party


Get front-row seats to some of the biggest names in finance and technology.


Participate in focused learning sessions with the support of seasoned developers.


Hear expert-led discourse that advances Web3’s collective knowledge.


Meet developers, project teams, and enterprise professionals—all in one venue.

Satellite Events

Join a wide range of curated experiences and learning sessions from leading Web3 teams.

Hacker Events

Take part in coding challenges and incubate the next breakthrough Web3 technology.

Key Topics

  • Web3 Infrastructure - Unearth the protocols and projects building the foundation that all Web3 applications rely upon.
  • DeFi - Dive into the largest DeFi protocols to understand why they’re poised to disrupt trillion-dollar markets.
  • NFTs - Traverse a wide range of NFT use cases across real estate, gaming, entertainment, and more.
  • Chainlink Ecosystem - Explore how Chainlink’s wide range of oracle services are bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.
  • Enterprise - Discover how top enterprises and financial institutions are securely connecting their infrastructure to Web3.
  • Development - Uncover the latest coding tools, resources, and environments supercharging developer productivity.