Business Insider - Why Hong Kong is an Ideal Place for Fintech Innovation and Market Entry

Hong Kong has fast-tracked its way to become a leading fintech hub. With a deep talent pool, availability of public and private funding, regulatory support from the government, and its proximity to Mainland China and Southeast Asia markets, Hong Kong has become an ideal place for fintech companies to scale-up and expand further.

A snapshot of the FintechHK ecosystem:

  • Home to over 600 fintech companies and #startups, with 3 promising fintech unicorns
  • 44% of the fintech founders in HK come from overseas. The remainder are from Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • Over 160 licensed banks and 8 virtual banks
  • More than 160 authorized insurers and 4 virtual insurers
  • Over 1,800 asset management firms
  • World's No. 1 fundraising hub in 7 of last 12 years


More facts about why Hong Kong offers fantastic prospects for Fintechs


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