Fintech has been an area of mounting interest and great prospects over the years. With a range of incentives such as the “Global Fast Track” program and the “Hong Kong Fintech Week”, InvestHK is ready to unleash scaling opportunities for fintech companies from Hong Kong, Asia, and beyond.

Now in its second year, the Global Fast Track program is tailored to the needs of every local, Mainland and overseas fintech company. It will introduce them to the program’s Corporate and Investor Champions who will explore business opportunities with them on their Global Fast Track journey.

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In partnership with King Leung, Head of Fintech at InvestHK, DotDotNews is honored to share more about this program along with the unlimited possibilities in fintech.

InvestHK is a department of the HKSAR government responsible for attracting foreign direct investment and fostering a more vibrant fintech ecosystem in HK.

“Companies that are not so familiar with the HK market can better understand HK’s booming fintech market through participating in the Hong Kong Fintech Week, co-organized by InvestHK.” Leung states, highlighting the bright prospects and opportunities that come along with fintech expansions in HK.

What is the “Global Fast Track” program all about? What are the ethos behind the program? What incentives are there? How can participating companies benefit from the program? Watch the video to find out.

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